History of stone light

Stone Light Every accident can produce new ideas and inventions. But more importantly, any funny idea can be attractive at the outset. The first idea for producing stone light began in 2016, when a company customer from Europe talked about the existence of walls that have light. He said these walls do not attract attention while they are off, but will light up once the entire wall is lit.This conversation seemed to me unreasonable, until one day I saw it on the office desk in a city office that was about five meters long and three meters wide.This fascinating event came up with the idea of building a wall that would really emit light from within the stone, without the light sources being visible before the light was lit but after the light was visible.For about six years, I came up with the idea that both the stone would be light and its strength would not be visible and that electronic circuits would not be visible.Until I made the first plaster light then concrete light and finally stone light. However, it also took about five years to get rid of its basic flaws and also to be manufactured.We are now proud to be the first company to make light fixtures that are both environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly and can not be seen off-road.

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