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After years of research (seven years), Siro Sirir Anoush Iranian Iranian company has been aiming to produce artificial stone and light concrete by the brand Roujan Dash of clean energy, in cooperation with technical experts, in the field of nanoscience Dr. Nejat, Dr. Ali’s civil. Moazami, electronics engineer Mr. Amin Jannati, Navid Jabruti master’s degree in architecture and urban planning and other technicians managed to produce prototypes of gypsum light and after a short time of matte concrete light and finally stone light and transparent concrete light by the brand Rojan Danesh .

And now after many years of tests and technical tests we have succeeded in mass production of these products from natural raw materials. All of our products are made from a combination of minerals and environmentally friendly natural sources including: sand, sand, cement, sand (Color, silica, mineral color and other mineral additives) with a variety of light bulbs, fiber optic, ultraviolet lamps and other electronic circuits in a coherent format, so that the product has the appearance of natural stone. Also, the ability to transmit light from within to the outside in such a way that light sources are not visible and detectable when switched off. The purpose of producing stone light is to transform the facades of buildings, places, landscapes, and urban elements into a beautiful and romantic one, while maintaining full compatibility with the surrounding environment and in accordance with any type of architecture (modern or traditional) so that the ultimate viewer Find yourself in a happy, fun, safe environment with no extra elements.


The main difference between Roujan Dash luminous products and the various types of light acetone available in the market is that: The main material of Roujan Dash production of natural and environmentally friendly materials is the invisibility of the light source in a variety of colors and models, while the main material Current lightstones are made of polyurethane and the bulbs within the polyurethane are visible or not compatible with the surrounding environment. Other features of our products are that they have a completely natural appearance and are similar to their surroundings, so that the viewer can see a perfectly happy effect without disturbing the viewer. But after the stone is lit, the eruption sees the light from within the stone to the environment.

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